Howard Song, Analyst
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Hi there! My name is Howard. I’m a data practitioner by day, a web developer by night, a semi-competent swimmer, an active basketball player, a collector of cool ideas, an aspiring entrepreneur, a lifelong learner, and a self-professed nice guy.

I’m on the quest for a prediction algorithm that can reliably predict ATS game outcomes. I decided to start this blog while performing various preliminary explanatory analyses because I found some interesting insights, which inspired me to share them via this blog.

Benjamin Xiao, Analyst
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My name is Ben Xiao. I am a long time poker player, basketball enthusiast, prospective data wizard to be, German shepherd service human.

I study all things NBA analytics, video games, and interesting datasets. In my recent past life, I was a professional poker player specializing in NLHE MTT and heads up SNG. Towards the end, I started to play short-hand PLO. Feel free to contact me for work opportunities or collaborations. Definitely contact me if you’re working on a Sloan conference research paper!!

Dan Watson, Analyst
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I’m a big basketball fan and am just finishing up my master’s in information science at Berkeley. I’m interested in game spread predictions, daily fantasy predictions, blending machine learning and portfolio theory to create fantasy basketball lineups, DFS lineup optimization, and creating systems to automate as much of this as possible.

Randy Ip, Analyst

I’m a medical resident who will be starting a cardiology fellowship in July. I have a huge passion for sports, particularly baseball and basketball. I’ve been very intrigued by sports analytics and numbers, which is what draws me to these particular sports. My parents also moved to Las Vegas, which has “sparked” my interest in sports wagering. I’m interested in building the KenPom system of the NBA.